Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ski School

This morning, Connor reluctantly headed off to ski school. I had to promise him he could bring his own lunch, that I would check on him often, and that I would ride the gondola with him at the end of the torture. I also made a pact with Ed that even though ski school was costing us an arm and a leg, I would spring Connor at lunch if he wasn't having fun, because vacation is about fun, not about torturing the little dude. And since my parents are a rock-star entertainment committee (just ask Helen, who didn't even bat an eye when we left her behind today), he doesn't need to be in ski school in order for Ed and I to get in as much skiing as we want.

I met my end of the bargain - even though the ski school lady told us she did NOT recommend parents meeting their children at lunch, since it usually made their kids cry that they wanted to leave. Not so with Connor.

When I met Connor at the end of the day for his final release from ski school, and I told him that tomorrow was "Family Fun Day" (because life is always better with fabulous names - calling it a rest day seemed so mundane). He told me that maybe instead we could go skiing again, and he could be in ski school. He suggested a formula of two days of ski school for every one day of resting. We're still taking a break tomorrow and visiting some hot springs, the local library, and a tubing hill. Ski school involves 6 hours of time, four of which are on the slopes, and no nap. It doesn't seem like a wise move to me to do two consecutive no-nap days.

And just what can one 4 year old learn in a day? According to Connor, he learned to ski on the air, but he hit his head very hard when he landed and had to go get a new head. He doesn't quite remember how to ski on the air, so he couldn't show me, but he did show me how to make a pizza shape with his skis, turn, and eventually come to a stop (thank you, gravity and friction). His teacher commented on his remarkable balance, and said he could move to Level 2 lessons tomorrow, or 1+ if we waited a day.


  1. Looks like a fabulous time. Go Connor!!!!!

  2. How fun - I love skiing. I was just mentioning to David today that I wondered how long it would be before Esther and I could ski together !