Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Swimming, in the snow?

I can't attest to ever doing it before, but I can report that today, the whole vacation gang went swimming. Outside. While it snowed around us. And as far as I could tell, everyone had fun. And might I add, that finding an activity that 9 people with ages spanning six decades all enjoy can be a bit of a challenge.

Probably the little people had the most fun as they kept begging adults to go and get them "MORE SNOW PLEASE" after the path to the snow became a bit treacherous for small legs to traverse, even when those small legs followed the lifeguard's rule and walked.

Next up? Snow tubing. This adventure seemed much more appropriate for the weather. Helen opted to hang out with my parents in the lodge and play with play-dough, while the remainder of the group hit the hill.

When asked to rate the outing, Connor gave it a two thumbs up.

Towards the end of our adventure, Helen told my parents that she wanted to come out and see us. She then decided she was ready to try it herself. The ride up the magic carpet was fine. While in line, she announced "I'm not quite ready to be done with tubing." When time to launch came, she announced "I'm all done now." For the first few yards of the downhill, she was fine. Then she got sprayed in the face with snow, and the rest of the adventure was not fun. She rated it two thumbs down.


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  1. This has been some very impressive blogging on vacation !!!