Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's very hard not to obsess about the snow when you have approximately one Helen's worth surrounding you.

On the other hand, we weren't all that sad to see our street wasn't plowed. After all, until it's plowed, we can take the kids out to ski without worrying about traffic! In case it wasn't obvious, I'm looking on the bright side here.

Helen's first time up on skis. She's annoyed because Ed won't let her just ski by herself.

Connor actually has the balance down pretty well. The stopping? Not so much.

The kids also enjoyed some time on sleds.


  1. Bright side, bright side, bright side. Diet coke, apple pie, diet coke. Bright side, bright side, bright side. (That's my internal monologue.)

  2. I'm actually kind of jealous. All we got was a crappy .5 inch. Although if we got as much snow as you did, the kids could probably vault over the 2/F terrace by themselves!

  3. I am beginning to feel sorry for you guys! At least here in Rochester we have ample snow removal equipment AND a place to put ALL THAT SNOW! I do think with the prediction for the next storm that your season snowfall will surpass us, to date. Poor Helen is going to require an antenna attached to her snowsuit if she ventures outside after the next round of snow hits. I'm thinking of you guys! Be safe!

  4. skying, what a great idea. Our street was plowed on Monday night. Too bad we did not have skis.