Monday, December 21, 2009

Why yes, we did go skiing this weekend with Connor and Helen

Around 20 inches of snow fell between Friday night and Saturday evening. After taking the cross country skis for a test drive on Saturday night after the kids were in bed, we decided to go for a family outing today. Ed was in charge of dragging Connor behind him on the sled while I put Helen on my back in a backpack designed for hiking. We went a few blocks away to a sledding hill.

We learned that Connor is pretty fearless when it comes to sledding. I have no good photographs of the event, but he was perfectly willing to head down the hill and at one point, he even went beyond the snowbank at the bottom of the hill and slid a few feet on the parking lot.

He also likes big snowballs.

Helen was a good sport, but she prefers to stay indoors.