Monday, December 14, 2009

Bedtime Bargaining

Helen has decided that rather than being left to fall to sleep on her own these days, she would prefer someone lay down on the floor beside her. (In the bed is not an option since she sleeps in a toddler bed.) In theory, this is not a big deal, because it probably wouldn't take long. In practice, it's a huge deal to me because the request takes place during the time of day when I am trying to turn my last gasp of energy for the day into a project around the house. And of course, sometimes the act of lying there just encourages her to stay awake longer so she can keep checking on whether I am there or not.

She's lately added this little line to her "please lie down next to me".

"You can have the pink baby if you sleep with me."

This represents a true sacrifice, since she sleeps with pink baby every night. And actually, if I took her up on the bargain, she definitely wouldn't fall asleep because she'd be so anxious waiting to see if I would give beloved pink baby back.



  1. Would love to know how this one pans out. Zoe now also wants someone to lie down with her at nap time. When we do, she sleeps. When we don't, she doesn't. But...whoever lies down with her still ends up losing much of their much needed nap time for projects,etc.

  2. that's not easy being two and surely not easy at all to be parents of a 2-year old child.
    We will, however, I am sure remember these moments with nostalgia in 20 years...