Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Helen v. Luna

My dad snapped this photo of Helen as she protested something egregious like, being told to follow me. Or being asked to walk a few feet without being carried. Or, maybe even finding out that we weren't going to do exactly what she wanted the way she wanted to do it. I just can't recall the crime right now, or perhaps I don't want to record it here in case Social Services ever starts an investigation.

When my dad snapped the photo, he thought he captured a unique moment in her life, rather than merely recording something I see daily. When Ed asked to see the photo, I quipped "I assure you, you have seen it a thousand times".

All I'll say now is "I told you she was stubborn!". The best part is, when Helen assumes this pose, she will occasionally give a sideways glance to make certain she still has an appropriate audience. Sometimes, she accompanies the arm fold with a little pivot on her heel so her back squares with my front - but that makes the audience peek a little more awkward.

For those who know Miss Lunalicious, you decide who you'd rather tango with!



  1. I love the photo! I wish your dad had captured the discreet glance too. How do you keep from cracking up around her?!

    Right now I'll stick with Luna. At least she can't argue back too much yet, seeing as most of her words are in sign language. I'll let you know how I feel in a year.

  2. this is the cutest thing i have ever seen - kellee