Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Using his height to his advantage

After we returned from the beach the first day, our hotel room was filled with sand. Why? Because no one in my family realized that the Periwinkle Inn came with a lovely outdoor shower that could be used to rinse the sand off before entering one's hotel room. I was grateful that we were at a hotel rather than a rental house since that meant a magical person other than myself would show up with a vacuum at some point the next day to take care of the situation.

But after that first day, we got wise. We found the outdoor shower. And by day 3, Connor realized he was tall enough to operate it - though the fact that it was there to rinse sand off one's body after going in the ocean was a point lost on Connor. No, he preferred to use it just to cool off in the evening.

Here he is, showing off his job well done.

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