Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cool Kids

Once they get a few dance moves choreographed, I'm taking them on the road and trying to turn their look into some serious bling. I mean, just LOOK at them! They even provide cheesy grins upon request.

Note also the serious lack of clutter in the kids' play area in the kitchen. That was my weekend decluttering project. I went through every single item, removed those that were no longer played with, added a few items that had been tossed aside at one point or another, and sorted through all of the bins to make sure each of them still made sense (you know, necklaces in one, headpieces in one, dress-up outfits in one, Helen's 300 purses in one ...). I even dropped a glass jar full of fish rocks that make me absolutely insane which was the perfect excuse to throw them away even though both kids love them. After all, they were now intertwined with glass. Remarkably, Connor understood and did not protest. Then I gave everyone in the house a shelf where I will put all the crap they leave lying around, and they can do the same for my crap. That way, the next time Ed asks me "do you know where that tiny little scrap of paper that I wrote the codes to the nuclear missiles for the United States military is?" I don't have to look incredulously at him and ask "you mean that piece of trash? It is in the recycling bin where it belongs." Instead, I'll just say "check your shelf, dude".


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  1. I predict that your shelf system is one that will serve you for years and years to come.