Friday, August 21, 2009

Faulty Logic May Have Run its Course in this Household

This evening we went to Wolf Trap to see a couple of bands play. During a period of rain when we ducked for cover, Ed and Connor bought a CD of the opening band to have them sign it. As Connor inspected the signatures, the following conversation took place.

"Mommy, why did those guys sign their names so messy?"
"That's just how cool people sign their names."
"Why aren't we cool?"
"We are, but we don't have to flaunt it by signing our names with messy writing."


  1. DID you go see Carbon Leaf? They are my Favorite band! SO Jealous am I!!! I am glad you are introducing Helen and Conner to the best music on the planet!!!

  2. Amie - we had never even heard of Carbon Leaf. They opened for Great Big Sea at Wolf-Trap and we were pleasantly surprised. We'll definitely check them out again.