Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Ari

If I asked Helen what she wanted to do most days, she would respond "go to Baby Ari's house". First of all, she has access to Ari's older brother's toys. And those toys rock. Second, she gets to see a person smaller than her, which I think amazes her. She even gets to hold that person smaller than her and this made a huge impact on her.

Since our visit a couple of weeks ago, Helen has told Ed and I many, many times how she got to "hold Baby Ari - by Self. Connor no hold Baby Ari.". (She is incorrect on the latter of those points, but no one in the house except Connor attempts to correct her on even factual matters because as Barney Frank would say, this would be like arguing with a dining room table.) In the evenings, as she's winding down, she often tells Baby Ari goodnight.

I love newborns too - mostly because they have the power to make you look just like Marya does in these photos - totally in love. Any way you could keep that boy a tiny baby forever?

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  1. I love how Helen looks possessive and protective all at the same time.