Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why the kids call me "cool mommy"

Ok, the kids have never in their life called me "cool mommy", but they've thought it - especially last weekend.

Last Friday, on my "at-home day", Team Little People headed west to Herndon. Thanks to the GPS system, we made it with no problems, and when we arrived at "Big Trucks Day", no team member was disappointed. The town had a construction helmet for each child in attendance, which Connor and Helen promptly wore atop their regular hats, though the construction helmets were later discarded.

Connor was very excited to take Helen to all of the big trucks and explain to her what they were, though he became extremely concerned when it looked like Helen might recycle her construction helmet, rather than wearing it - or more accurately - having me carry it.

We found a shady spot for lunch, near this fantastic truck. When Connor was finished, he was climbing all over it, having a great time, which Helen was busy splashing in a nearby puddle. Isn't it nice that the mom in the photo is ready to catch Connor while I'm busy photographing him? For the record, the fall wouldn't have been that far, and it only would've happened if her kid pushed Connor - which he did not even come close to doing.

The day ended with promises to attend next year, and two very tired kids.

The following day, we went to National Train Day and that was an even bigger hit. The thing that suprised me about this event is that there were actually people there who did not appear to be parents of train obsessed 3 year olds. Wow! I had no idea adults without children subjected themselves to these kind of events.

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