Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Three days ago, it started to rain. And since then, there hasn't been much respite around here. At some point, you just have to put on your boots and make the best of it. Connor and Helen both wanted to play outside, and since I finally found a pair of rain boots for Helen, she was able to go out without getting her feet drenched. Unfortunately, I miscalculated how long they would be outside, and failed to put them in raincoats. I figured (incorrectly) that the downpour outside that had drenched me a half hour earlier when I rode my bike from the subway to home would dissuade them from playing outside for long.

As soon as they were granted their freedom, Helen began asking for a shovel and to have the lid of the sand table removed, and Connor began searching for a big plastic tub that he could dump water from the sand table lid into. It was quite a sight. Helen soon caught on to Connor's game and started filling her own cup up with water that had pooled around the deck to add to his tub.

The two of them splashed around for a good half hour, before I finally called them inside to eat dinner--and change into warm, dry clothes. They were drenched - except for their feet, which came out of their respective rain boots dry and toasty. They would've played outside all night had I not called it quits.

At the end of it all, Connor reported that he was ready to water the plants tomorrow with all his water - and he is confident the plants will grow really well with said water.



  1. That looked like so much fun!!

  2. Where did you end up finding the tiny water shoes for Helen?

  3. Am so glad you found boots for Helen!