Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day, 2009

This morning, Helen was very excited to start celebrating Mother's Day. I know, because for the first time in at least 6 weeks, she was awake before 6:15. Yes, my dear daughter decided to wake up at 5:35 this morning. I attempted to get Helen back to sleep by putting her in bed with me and nursing her, but that was a huge mistake because someone (her mother), had forgotten to trim her finger nails. So now, not only did I have a fully awake, nursing baby. I had a fully, awake, nursing baby who was scratching me - and it hurt! Only I'm an optimist, and I didn't want to trim her nails, because she might wake up even more, and then all hope of returning to sleep would be lost.

I should've just trimmed her nails. Then I would've at least not endured over 30 minutes of scratching my tummy, chest, and any other part of me she could reach.

Helen kept asking for "Tonr", because she really wanted someone to play with.

As promised, Ed took the kids out for breakfast and then to a park to hang out, because this is possibly the only way he can keep the kids from pouncing on me as soon as he turns his back on them to start making breakfast. It was awesome. I slept long enough to actually dream about how nice it was to have a dream. Sweet!

We celebrated the day eating cake, gardening, playing in the park, and taking a long walk. I ended the day by singing Connor two songs (about a dump truck and a recycling truck -- please, Connor, do not ask for a repeat performance, because I might not even remember the tune I put the words to, let alone the words I made up to go with the requested song topic.

At the end of the day, Connor (with a little help from Ed), left me this message:

I love you too, little man.

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