Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A few weeks ago, Ed's dad participated in BikeDC with Ed. It's a ride Ed and I did for a few years, but neither of us has participated since Connor was born. Ed toyed with the idea of having Connor ride on the back of his bike, but in the end, we decided this wasn't a great idea, so I took Connor to the National Book Festival instead. We should've stayed home. I seem to forget every now and then that I do not like to attend crowded places with both of my children. Heck, I do not like to attend crowded places with either of my children - or with Ed, for that matter. By myself? That is OK because I am small and can maneuver through a crowd easily. When Connor and I travel together he has the size edge so it is quite probable that he will end up far away from me, which is rarely a good thing.

Ed's dad flew out of Baltimore on Sunday, which gave us a good excuse to head to the train museum - a museum we've been intending to visit for quite some time. I missed the first part of the visit because I was dropping stuff off at a friend's house, but apparently Connor was so enthralled with the place that Ed and his dad actually lost track of him running through the trains.

It was non-stop excitement, including riding a REAL TRAIN! It's a decommissioned MARC train, but the under 5 crowd doesn't care. Helen seemed to enjoy herself, but Helen enjoys herself almost anywhere that she can either pull-up and walk around, or someone is willing to hold her hands so she can walk around.

We decided not to require Ed's dad to put in any babysitting hours. We're saving that until he's officially retired in January. Helen did her best to make a good impression, despite her very strong negative feelings about people that are not me these days.


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