Monday, October 27, 2008

Everybody has to do their part

In preparing to sell our home, we had to tidy the place up a bit (read: toss all our crap into a storage unit and ship it away so people were not afraid to enter our abode). We decided the safest way to keep Connor from destroying the things we did leave was to contain him. He happily stepped into this birdhouse we'd been storing in the attic. We considered leaving him there for a few weeks, but didn't want child protective services on our back on top of all the stress of moving and selling our home. We decided instead to put the birds in here while their fabulously large house that Ed built on his 'anthrax vacation' a few years ago went off inside the storage bins.

On a related side note, while the larger birdhouse was outside, a bird actually moved into it, and Connor closed the door on it. He was so proud of the bird he had caught - but he was easily convinced to free it later in the day. I don't think any of us believed him when he said he'd caught a bird, but indeed, he had.


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