Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am so glad we rented the moonbounce

Last year, I promised we would get a moonbounce for Oktoberfest and I am so glad we did! I picked the moonbounce up on Friday, and we had a test run with it Friday evening. Connor and Zoe (with a little bit of Helen) bounced on Saturday morning, and then from 4:00 until after dark Connor and party guests bounced, and finally, on Sunday morning Connor and I had one last bounce before I had to return it. Possibly the best $85 I have ever spent for a party. Brilliantly, Ed had purchased a glow-in-the-dark necklace a few weeks before the party and he dropped it on Connor once it got dark. Connor and Brennan bounced in total darkness, but we could still see Connor from the deck, where we were busy consuming beers. Admittedly, Oktoberfest almost didn't happen this year since we had just decided to renovate our home, and every brain cell we had was devoted to that process. But, the brewmaster kicked it into gear and we sent out a rather last minute invite. Our friends drank a respectable 10 gallons of homebrew and the kids went through nearly as much bubble goo.

As it turns out, this was the last party Grateful Ed's will see. After deciding to renovate, we reopened the search for a home one more time and as luck would have it, we found one. I fell in love with it and Ed decided to buy it for me. The only thing holding up the contract now is selling our current home, which went on the market today. Cross your fingers that someone in the area needs a lovely, light-filled 4BR brick rambler, conveniently located near a metro. That way, I can move into this completely fabulous home before Christmas - that holds the distinction of being the second weirdest house our home inspector has ever been into.

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  1. It looks fantastic Elaine! And, great bubble shot.