Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Connor

Last night, after moving the wagon that Ed's parents got Connor for his birthday to the main floor of the house, and sticking 3 candles in a big blueberry muffin that I set on a plate with 5 gummi bears (one of each color), I brushed my teeth and prepared to go to sleep. I looked over at Ed and said "we made it". It was almost exactly the time - three years earlier - I had gone into labor with Connor. Before noon, on August 12, 2005, I was holding my baby boy in my arms.

Here's to the last year!


  1. This made me cry. Happy birthday little man.
    (And, complements to Vickie if she helped compile this video.)

  2. Connor, your such a little man, thank you for allowing me into your day to capture you as you are right now. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!