Monday, August 25, 2008


After I met Ed, I phoned my sister and told her about him. When I got to the part about him being a Yankees fan, she replied something like "I guess he could be a nice guy".

Like all good Yankee fans, eventually Ed got tired of Steinbrenner (I think it was the ARod deal that did it, but it might have been Giambi) and decided to leave the Yankees in the hands of their other three trillion fans. Since that time, Ed has dabbled in being a Royals' fan (he didn't have the stomach for it) and then become a Nationals' fan, hard as that can be.

I thought I had cleansed my home of the Yankee fan influence before I brought children into it, but obviously I have done something terribly wrong as a parent.

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  1. My husband, a member of Red Sox Nation, would be appalled at your parenting.

    We are indoctrinating our kids in the correct religion :-).

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