Thursday, August 7, 2008

Closing in on the goal...

Connor must sense that summer is fading, and if he wants to reach his goal of jumping off the diving board, he's going to have to work at it. He's now going to the pool sometimes twice daily (at his request). For my part, I decided to get him a private swim instructor. As it turns out, our neighborhood pool has lots of these, and a half hour lesson with one of the younger ones, costs about the same as a group lesson. Connor is too young to participate in the group lesson that he needs, so this seemed like a good option.

Yesterday was Connor's first lesson with Lizzie. Prior to our arrival, Connor announced that he did not need a swim lesson because he already knew how to swim - he had taught himself. "Yes, Connor", I replied, "you are just like your Dad. You never need anyone to teach you anything because anything worth doing you have figured out on your own. But just this once, Connor, since I have already called a nice girl who is a great swimmer, you will have a lesson." When we arrived, she asked me what Connor could do. I told her he could jump in and swim as far as a breath would carry him, but he couldn't take a breath yet. And do you know what the little turd did? As I was telling Lizzie this, he jumped into me, started his self-styled swim stroke, and TOOK A BREATH RIGHT THERE AND KEPT ON SWIMMING! So she was all "that looked like a breath to me" and I said "that was a figment of everyone's imagination because he does not do that". From there, she said she was totally impressed and is confident she can help Connor jump off the board before the end of the year. Naturally, trying to corral Connor into doing what she had planned was a bit like herding squirrels, but they did manage to spend a half hour together, and Connor had so much fun he announced he would like to swim with Lizzie again.

So, even though he proved me wrong once again, he did captitulate a bit and is willing to accept 'professional' help.

Go, Connor, go! I can't wait to bring the video camera in and see what happens when you are diving board approved!

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