Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How do you decide?

Parents of multiple children are often asked which of their children is their favorite. And they almost always answer that they don't have a favorite - which didn't make much sense until I had my own two children, and realized that each of them bring such unique things to my life. Even though both of my children are very young, I already adore them immensely.

What would life be without Connor, who is in such a hurry to figure everything out that he literally runs almost everywhere he goes? Tonight he came home from swimming lessons, burst through the door, and could hardly contain his excitement as he told me about the ice cream he and Daddy had brought home for me. "Do you want to eat it out on the porch with me Mommy? Do you like ice cream? You should save some of your ice cream so you can have it on your birthday, Mommy!"

And Helen? She is so mellow, and it was such an absolute pleasure to get to watch her splashing around in the bath tonight. A rare moment indeed since normally Connor is in there with her and the lifeguard on duty must make certain both children are reasonably safe. She looked so pleased as she splashed her legs, and so surprised when she leaned forward and actually touched her forehead to the water. One night, Connor dumped a whole cup of water on her head. Her reaction? She looked surprised, but blinked her eyes and kept on smiling.

Where Connor wanted nothing to do with strangers as a baby, which always made me feel very special, Helen is often happy to be held by strangers. But, when she sees me she always lights up, which also makes me feel very special.

Connor can do so many things and express so many things that it is impossible not to laugh with him daily. But even though Helen pretty much just sits around all day, it is impossible not to notice how much fun she has in her own little world, which is also infectious.

And, even though both of my children smile often, they rarely smile at the same time in the same photo, which always makes me have to decide which photo to choose. Take these, for example. I wanted a photo that showed Connor building a house with his new playstands. The first photo captures his enthusiasm - but since the house was ostensibly built for Helen, it seemed appropriate to post a photo with both of them.

Here, Helen is laughing, but Connor looks goofy.

And in this one, Helen looks great again, but you can't see Connor's face.

Finally, there's this one which is one of Connor's better photos, but Helen isn't even smiling.

This photo is probably the best compromise between the looks on both of their faces.

I just couldn't decide.

PS: In case it is one of my children reading this post, rest assured, YOU are my favorite.

PPS: Mom, this may not be exactly what the blankets you made were designed for, but we needed something larger than our standard blanket, so we put them to work.

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