Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Connor has always had a penchant for doing something special on Mother's Day. When he was 7 months old, he slept in - for possibly the only time the entire year. I can't remember how late it was, but my best guess is 7AM - and I know that sounds ridiculous that 7AM could possibly be considered sleeping in - but at the time, it most certainly would have been. This year, we celebrated Mother's Day at the Nats game. Connor's gift? He fell asleep on Ed's lap for the first 7 innings of the game, and was happy to sit on Ed's lap for the remainder of the game. I didn't even have to get to the juice box bribe. He was actually feeling a bit under the weather.

Helen had a different take on Mother's Day. She figured she should wake up bright and early (5:30!) to start celebrating. Lucky for me, Helen is quite content to eat and then jabber and play with the 300 toys I keep near my bed for such occasions while Ed and I attempt to get a bit more rest. And wow, we need that rest. I do believe I underestimated how taxing this job could be before I started it.


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  1. Are you kidding me? We all underestimated how taxing it could be. Hang in there dude - the light at the end of the no sleep tunnel is close, I promise.