Sunday, May 4, 2008

Good morning, Daddy!

Often, Connor comes bounding into our bedroom to greet us in the morning. He's usually skipping and almost always shouting "I want to play with you!", though we have worked very hard to get him to follow those words by jumping into bed, snuggling under the covers, and having some milk before jumping all over and demanding we get out of bed. Saturday, things went a bit differently.

Lucky for me, Helen woke up early so I brought her into bed with Ed and me to nurse her back to sleep for another hour. That left Ed with the outside bed position. And wow, was that a good thing. The first words Ed heard from Connor? "I need someone to help me flush these poopies". Ed's response "Connor?!?" My response from across the bed? "Good work Connor!" because I had heard Connor in the bathroom and assumed he had taken a dump and just couldn't get the toilet flushed.

Not so, apparently. Connor had both hands full of poop (thankfully, little hard balls, much like that of a rabbit) and needed help flushing because he couldn't figure out how to lift the lid and dispose of the poop.

Best we were able to put together, Connor woke up and went poop. But you have to give the little fellow credit because he then realized he didn't have a diaper on, and he figured he better clean the mess up. But, while toddlers may be enthusiastic about cleaning up messes, they rarely do it very well. So Ed was left to stumble out of bed, open the toilet, trace Connor's footsteps to be sure to sanitize the area and get rid of any remaining poopie. Needless to say, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that someday either Ed or I would be awakened by a person showing us a fistful of poop and innocently requesting help disposing it.

And, because it was Ed that was greeted by that site, I guess I did mean it. "Good work, Connor!".

For the record, while Ed was a bit disoriented, he is very forgiving. Today, he took Connor on a little paddle around the tidal basin.


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