Sunday, April 6, 2008

Opening Day

Shhh...don't tell anyone under three feet tall, but Ed and I went to Opening Day at that Nationals new ballpark - and it was great. Cold, but great. Luckily, we didn't spill the beans ourselves, and just told him we had an "appointment" to go to. A few days before the game, Ed had mentioned we had a baseball game to watch (that he had taped on TV earlier) and Connor perked right up and reminded us that he liked baseball too.

Normally, we take Connor to the games with us, and we plan to take Helen along as well. Frankly, she would be easy to bring to the games this year, because she's not mobile, so my preference would be just to bring her. But, it would break Connor's heart to see her get to go to the games and realize he was being left behind, so I would never do this (though it is tempting). But opening day is crowded, so one can't allow their toddler to roam around at will opening and closing a row full of seats here and there. This year, it was also televised on ESPN and it was a night game, so it was cold and after bedtime. Which is just to say that we had extra excuses not to bring the kids.

In preparation for the game, we got out the winter gear, and Connor showed us that he was more than happy to dress appropriately.

But he still got left behind.


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