Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy 6 months, Helen

Dear Helen,

As I told your brother, I'm writing this not a day early because I might not be available for blogging after our big plane trip tomorrow.

This month, your sleep totally fell apart (meaning you woke up 2 times regularly) until culminating in the WORST SLEEP NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE a week ago, where you woke up at midnight, 2, 4, and then nursed while I tried to sleep until about 6. That is worse than any night you had as a newborn, babe. So the next night? I took away your motion privileges by swaddling you, gave you some Tylenol because your dad and I both thought a tooth or something else must be causing you some great discomfort, and called the pediatrician to up your reflux meds. And, thankfully, you have returned to your former great sleeping self, even without the Tylenol and the swaddle. I am very grateful for this, Helen. I'm only sorry your dad and I didn't figure out sooner that perhaps all the yummy baby fat you've been piling on is making it so you need a bit more medicine.

You have decided that I am your clear favorite. In fact, when you were waking up in the middle of the night, your dad took pity on me (even though I work half the hours he does so in general can cope better without sleep) and he tried to soothe you. This did not impress you, and in fact, only seemed to anger you. When I would relieve your dad, you would seem happier pretty quickly. It totally annoys him when the two of you are together and you get upset and then calm instantly when I arrive. But don't take this to mean you and your dad don't have some laughs. It is a regular thing to find you giggling uncontrollably when he and Connor are around and I'm in another room.

You love being included in Connor's play, and give him the hugest smile when he comes near you. You are also learning to tug back if he decides he wants to play with something of interest to you.

You nibbled on a few bananas this month and played with a spoon as you sat in your new seat at the dinner table. Mostly, though, you just grabbed for anything within reach as I tried to keep it from you. Clearly, you are interested in eating and now that you are six months, we'll start giving you various foods and hope that your tummy doesn't explode.

You are expert at the tummy to back move, but the back to tummy roll eludes you. Connor does his best to teach you, but so far his lessons have yet to sink in.

Everywhere I go with you, people comment on how happy you are and how beautiful you are and it's true, Helen. You are both of those things and more.


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