Thursday, April 24, 2008

Helen's 6 month visit

Forgot to report, yesterday, Helen had her belated 6 month check-up. Her height (which was measured incorrectly since she was screaming her head off) is at the median (she's actually shorter than this, but I certainly wasn't going to point out to the nurse how much she moved and encourage a new measurement be taken) and her head size is 40th percentile. And her weight? SHE IS STILL ON THE GROWTH CHART - checking in at the 10th percentile. When he got to the number, Dr. B said "We'll take it!" and appeared to be as excited as I was that she didn't dive off the chart like Connor did.

She was asked to perform one stunt - sitting - and she somehow managed to do it long enough to get the A-OK, though this is really a skill she has picked up in the last couple of days. (Nice job, Elaine, waiting to take your kid to their 6 month appointment long enough that they'd be able to pass the skills test. I think I'll pat myself on the back and have a margarita - oh wait, I did that last night as Ed and the au pair struggled to put both kids to bed.)

Her pediatrician's overall assessment? She's perfect.

I couldn't agree more.

Of course, after the pediatrician left, she had the hearing in her right ear tested AGAIN, and AGAIN, she failed. This time, she was super still and quiet, which is a big change from the other tests. Before the test, the pediatrician and I agreed that if she failed, we'd just wait until she was 1 before trying again. I should probably consult with my friend the audiologist about this before I continue to blow off Helen's repeated failure in the right ear.

Connor enjoys the new pediatrician because there's a nearby park. He told the au pair he wanted to eat his lunch really fast so he could play more. He showed that he has fully reached the "tell Mommy everything phase". His first words to me when I met him at the park were "Mod told me to pee on the tree over there". Connor knows I do not approve of this, but Mod told me she wasn't sure where a nearby bathroom was (uh, the library across the street? the pediatrician's office across the street?). I told Connor that in limited circumstances one had to make do with the great outdoors. Later that afternoon, he announced to me that he was going to pee on our tree. Not so, I told him. Thankfully, Ed reinforced this by telling him that he could only pee on trees when there was no bathroom nearby - but in our yard, he could ALWAYS go inside. I found this shocking, as I imagined Ed would be all jazzed about Connor breaking the no peeing in Mommy's yard rule so he could break it to.



  1. Hey - I have this friend who can only hear in one ear and she is seriously one of the absolutely coolest people I've ever known. She's really caring, dresses super trendy, and has a real sparkle to her personality. The only downside is that when we go out to dinner she has a hard time if we're sitting at a round table - so we just make sure we sit at a square one. Not to minimize your angst or worry (if you have any angst or worry), but just to share.

  2. Hey - I only have about 20% hearing in my left ear and I bet you didn't know that! (Although people tend to think I am aloof and am ignoring them .. but it's just because I can't hear them). So Helen is going to be super cool regardless (not that I'm super cool ... but you get my point).

    So I was in a park in the middle of nowhere last weekend when Kara wanted to go potty. So I had no choice and let her go on the grass behind a tree - yep, from that point on all she wanted to do was go on the grass out the front, and the back, and on the neighbors grass ...