Saturday, December 1, 2007

Write something, every day

When Ed and I decided we were going to have a baby, I started keeping a journal. It wasn't long before I was pregnant and documenting little things that happened, my prenatal appointments, and some of Ed's and my conversations. After Connor was born, I decided to keep the journal going, in part because of a book I read while I was pregnant. The author had challenged herself to document the first year of her child's life and as part of that challenge, she wanted to write something every day. She, of course, is a professional writer. When Connor was about three months old, the journal became this blog, in large part because my mom mentioned how much her neighbor enjoyed following her great grandchildren via her granddaughter's blog. I tried to post frequently enough that my parents, and more recently, my in-laws, knew what was going on in Connor's life. Sometimes when we visit, I can see that the writing bridges some of the physical distance - though of course it's one sided since Connor is not reading about their daily lives.

Helen's birth caused the blog to morph into what you're now reading, just because I thought it would be too weird to have the blog only be titled after Connor when it would clearly now encompass both of their lives.

When The Lowe issued her (drunken) NaBloPoMo challenge, I figured it was coming at a good time for me, since Helen was so young and it would be so easy to drop this blog all together, now that I have two wee ones to keep me busy. I have to admit, it was harder than I thought it would be to write something, anything, every day. At times, I hoped The Lowe or Vickie would drop a day - because I was totally ready to drop once one of my fellow mom's group bloggers dropped. But, they didn't. Thanks, gals, for sticking with it. It's been fun, though I will now return to a more reasonable number of posts each month.

As predicted, there's been a lot of spitting (even the projectile sort), Connor has said some funny things and obsessed over others, and I miss my chocolate.


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  1. I applaud you. No, wait , let me stand up and applaud you.

    We should do something to celebrate.