Sunday, December 9, 2007

I told you she was cute, Ellen

My friend Ellen is a total style queen when it comes to children's clothes. One of my first memories of her is sitting in a new mom's group meeting when she was telling us that her lovely daughter had spit up all over her - and then admitted it was because she had changed her daughter's outfit too soon after feeding her daughter because someone was coming over to visit. This was completely shocking to me for two reasons. First, Connor never spit up, so the thought of a kid spitting up was very icky to me. Second, I was happy at this point just to get clothes on Connor - so the thought of putting a particular outfit on for company just blew my mind.

Now that I have Helen, I totally understand Ellen. SO when Ellen told me she was coming to visit, I quickly browsed through all of Helen's (clean) outfits and selected just the right one. But then, Helen slept the entire time Ellen was here - and I had her swaddled so I could not show off her cute outfit. But here, Ellen, is proof of just how cute she was last week when you visited.


  1. Man, she is one cute little girl! David and I have both succumbed to the virus over the weekend and this post totally made me smile!