Monday, December 10, 2007

First Snow

Last Wednesday, we woke up to a thin coating of snow on the ground. Ed - being from the Northeast, was very excited; me, less so. I spent the day pretending it didn't exist, because I did not want to take Helen out in it - except for our already scheduled trip to gymnastics. Amazingly, even with only this light coat, traffic was a bit snarled, but we made it - and on time, to boot.

As the day wore on, the white stuff continued to fall. Connor looked out the glass door regularly, and I told him Daddy would most certainly be excited when he got home. And indeed, we rushed to get dinner on the table, and then Ed and Connor headed outside to build Connor's first snowman. The snow wasn't very sticky, but Ed did manage to fashion a little something that Connor was quite excited to tell me about for the next three days until it melted away. But don't think I was a total spoil sport with the snow. Connor and I built the tiniest snowman ever (about 5 inches tall) and we stood it on the climbing wall at his pre-school on Friday morning when we were enjoying some playground time.

Thankfully, no more white stuff has been spotted - and Saturday was so pleasant here kids could be spotted on the playground without coats. Not my kids, mind you, but other kids.


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