Saturday, December 15, 2007

So you're more man than me, eh?

Ed and I decided that Connor should get the flu shot, merely because we don't want Helen to get the flu and, being a toddler and all, he's extremely adept at bringing bugs home. On the morning of Helen's 2 month well child visit, I broke the news to Connor.

"Connor, we're going to the doctor today."
"Will I get a shot?" (It has been since Connor was 18 months that he last got a shot, so I took this to mean he had some strong memories of the event.)
"Yes, but only one."
"Will it hurt."
"Probably a little, but I'll give you some gummy bears when it's all over."
"I don't like shots."
At the appointment, the nurse started going toward Connor with the needle. I moved myself as far away as possible, leaving Ed to be the comfort person because I'm tired of being the one associated with shots. I looked over my shoulder to see the nurse give Connor his shot, and the little dude didn't even flinch. He totally acted like nothing had happened. For the record, this is way better than my reaction to the flu shot this year.


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  1. brave little dude! BC had geared jools up to freak out over shots. he had to have 4 in one day (not typical). and the dude made his freak-out face -- and then he laughed. each and every time.