Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A visit with Mims!

My mom showed up yesterday to put the house back in order. Unfortunately, the weather changed so Connor was not as chipper as he had been the previous days. Luckily, my mom doesn't seem to mind. In fact, she's flying solo with Connor tomorrow night when Ed and I go on a DATE for Ed's birthday (which isn't until next month, but it'll be fun to celebrate early). We're working on calling her Mims so we'll have Mims and Pappy on my side and Grandma and Grandpa on Ed's side.

Connor is getting so big, that he even sleeps in his own bed for naps - on occasion. He used to just sleep in my arms, so this is a big step. This morning's nap was interrupted twice by packages being delivered, but right now all seems to be going well. It must be my mom's magic presence.

Many thanks to Kellee and Jim for the very cool gifts from China! You'll see photos this summer of my little peanut in his linen outfit that looks totally fabulous. I've also been enjoying the jasmine tea - which was needed yesterday since there was a bit more crying than normal.

The big news around here is that we may have found a nanny for Connor. She has raised eight children, worked in daycares, and worked as a private nanny. Frankly, her experience with children far outshines mine. When she met Connor she went to him so lovingly and gently that I know they'll have a good time. She'll start work sometime in January, after she returns from a trip to Peru.


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