Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Hi All,

Just in case you wondered if Ed could be convinced to do strange things that he probably would've avoided before becoming a sleep deprived daddy, the photo above should do it. His mom gave Connor the bee suit, and our friend Dan D. had the two adult sized bee suits. Connor and I plan to march in the neighborhood parade later this afternoon, but Ed does have some dignity left and refuses to be seen outside the home in his costume.

Today I am heading up to my office to get my annual flu shot (which became an annual event after I had the flu in 2001!). This means Connor will once more get to enjoy the glare of flourescent lights, which Ed tells him he might as well get used to. Yesterday, we went to a friend's Halloween party and open house and the evening before we celebrated the indictment of Liddy with some other friends. Connor seemed to enjoy both events at times, but also seems to be a little overwhelmed when there are lots of people around. Last night, he actually sucked on his pacifier for quite some time, which was a relief to me as it meant I was no longer the human pacifier! I'm sure when Connor has terrible teeth and traces them back to pacifier use, Ed and I will regret teaching him this new skill, but for now we're pretty excited.

Enjoy the trick-or-treating!

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