Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Take Two...

Hi All,

Looks like I'm worse at maintaining a blog than I thought I would be - and my standards were pretty low. However, I'm going to try this one more time. Here's where you can now check in to see how fabulous my peanut is!

Today we went to the movies for the first time and saw Elizabethtown. with a group called "reel moms". Basically, you're free to bring your quiet or not so quiet kiddo to the movies and enjoy! Connor must have found the event quite exciting because he couldn't even muster the energy to really throw a good protest at being placed in the carseat (one of his least favorite places) when we left the movie. He didn't even scream all the way out of the garage. He's still sleeping in his hated carseat enjoying some fresh air while I set this up.

Last weekend, Connor's grandparents (Dad's side) came to visit and the weekend before that his Aunt Linda and cousins Anna and Emily were here. (Uncle Bill had been here earlier in the week for a conference.) His grandparents from my side had been out when he was three weeks old - and Grandma Carlene is making her second trip next Monday! I am definitely looking forward to the visit - and I'm sure Connor will enjoy it too (even though Grandma is going to try and get him to sleep independently).

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