Thursday, October 27, 2005

Goodbye Mims!

Mims left to go back home today. We had a great visit with her. I can happily report that the house is back in order, and I enjoyed a long, guilt free shower each morning she was here. Ed and I even went out on a date without Connor (oh my) while my mom took charge last night. They both were able to eat dinner (something Ed and I could barely accomplish the first few weeks Connor was home) and Connor enjoyed a few naps. Ed and I thoroughly enjoyed dinner and I only called my mom once to make sure everything was going OK - just in case you wondered if I was a worry-wart parent.

During her visit, my mom probably did enough squats (aka "Divine Drops" in the Itsy Bitsy Yoga book) to get her out of needing to do exercise for a few weeks, since that seems to be the thing that calms Connor these days (when he's neither hungry nor has a stinky diaper). She must have some sort of magic touch because the first night she was here, Connor went to bed at 11:30 and didn't wake again until 7:30. It's hard to keep up with her, I guess.

Connor is developing more personality each day. He's dishing out smiles pretty regularly and almost has control of that giant head of his. He can hang out independently now for a bit, and takes a morning nap in his own bed - a real accomplishment in this house.

Above is one of his two Halloween costumes. You can view the other one on Halloween. Connor and I plan to march in the neighborhood parade on Monday, or at least go out and watch the other kids in the neighborhood. Tomorrow, we're going to our second Mom and Baby Yoga class. My tight back is already looking forward to it.


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