Saturday, April 30, 2016

Three Sneaky Health Boosts for April - Barleans Omega Swirls and Fortiflax

In my ongoing search for a  way to boost the nutritional content of my food and my children's food, I happened upon an offer to try Barlean's Swirls and Barlean's Fortiflax. I am not a supplements kind of gal, and my children are suspicious of anything that looks at all different. It was a reach, but with enough recommendations, I decided to go for it.

First, when someone hands you something that they claim tastes like key lime - but is made with fish oil - you should definitely be suspicious. I skeptically dropped a teaspoon into my standard Stonyfield vanilla yogurt - and surprisingly, I had concocted key lime yogurt, rather than the weirdo product I was expecting.

So now, I swirl a teaspoon full into my morning yogurt and walk around all day feeling extra healthy. It actually does not have even a hint of fish oil taste, which is surprising - and awesome.

The second substitution I made was in my banana bread. I was totally nervous about dumping flax into the recipe in place of flour - because Connor is super sensitive about both looks and taste.  Luckily, Helen was the first to taste the bread, and she could not stop telling everyone about how it was the best banana bread I ever made. It does not look exactly right, but the flax ends up looking like I tossed extra bananas in there, so it works. I substituted about a half cup of forti-flax for a half cup of white flour. The break did not rise as much as normal, but it was close. I'll definitely make this substitution again.

Finally, Ed treats the kids to smoothies some weeks. He tosses whatever frozen fruit we have in the freezer, adds OJ, possibly some yogurt - and now he adds a spoon of the berry flavored Barlean's Swirls. Again - no fish oil taste, so that one is a keeper.

I can't say we've had any radical health changes - but I don't think that's what the experiment was about anyway. I do feel like I'm able to boost the nutritional value at little to no cost in taste or texture to some breakfast favorites. Plus, secretly, there's a brand of yogurt other than Stonyfield that has a key lime flavor, and occasionally I think of going non-organic just to get it. And now I don't have to!


As a Yogetter Stonyfield blogger, I received samples of Barlean's products and yogurt free. All opinions are my own.

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