Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Seasonal Cookie Houses - Walkers Shortbread Castles

Building gingerbread houses is so passé, right? And at least in my house, nobody even likes gingerbread so it's never as satisfying to take them apart and eat them as it should be. But if cookies and homebuilding are your thing, the folks at Walkers Shortbread have laid down the gauntlet. Check out the Outlanders castle -  in edible cookie form.

I fashion myself a bit of a baker, and I am in love with the idea of making a perfect gingerbread house. But after many barely passable attempts, from a kit, I was excited to go a different route.

So tonight, in honor of the SNOW that may fall this week (yes, this makes me almost cry, I would REALLY like to close the door on winter and start running with fewer layers), Helen and I made our own cookie house. It's held together with an icing made from butter, vanilla, milk, and powdered sugar (yum!) and my taste testers report it was delicious.


I am officially over winter, but it was a nice day brightener to find cookies in the cabinet gifted to me by the folks at Walkers. Maybe next year, I will build my house even larger and score a spot on a TV show making cookie houses. Or not. Either way, the kids are eating this and loving it.

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