Tuesday, April 19, 2016


We had our best dogsitting experience yet a week after spring break. Helen's friend's dog needed a place to stay, and we were happy to provide it. Parker was the first dog that didn't feel the need to follow me everywhere. Parker was also happy to claim Helen's bed as her own - and in a true act of kindness, Helen agreed to exchange beds with Connor every other night so that he could sleep with Parker, too.

We took that little dog everywhere - to see the cherry blossoms, to watch Helen practice softball, to the nature center, and on our runs. She was a trooper!

She became expert at sitting only on the area of the sofa that I had covered with a blanket (thank you) and let the kids play with her all the time and walk her whenever they wanted.

For Helen's Rhyme and Cheese story this year, she wrote about her experiences dogsitting. The title? Compromises.


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