Monday, June 1, 2015

Out at Second! Softball update.

It's hard to remember just how much has to go right in order to get an out on the softball field. But Helen and her friend M. had a great display of what it takes a few days ago. All of the steps below are virtually unheard of in a first grade girls' softball game, and I have never seen all of them completed before Helen and M. pulled it off.

1. M. was playing third and cleanly fielded the ball.

2. M. threw to second to get the lead runner.

3. Helen moved toward second, since she was playing second base.

4. Helen caught the ball thrown by M.

5. Helen turned around and stomped on the bag - all before the lead runner arrived at the bag.

Out at second. Helen would go on to get one more out with a catch of a ball thrown by someone close to her and two unassisted outs (everyone bats in Helen's league, it doesn't matter how many outs the defensive team gets).


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