Tuesday, June 2, 2015

From the Backpack - How To Writing: Knitting

I keep intending to make this a series of posts, but looking back, I see the backpack posts are spurious, at best.

But how to resist these ditties that Helen brought home this week.

Her class has been working on "how to" writing.

The first one, she worked on with the Vice Principal - because "Mrs. C-M is a PROFESSIONAL knitter, Mom!" Helen was so thrilled to go down the hall and ask for help on her writing. I was thrilled that the vice principal has enough time to help a first grade student trying to work on her writing.

Step 1. You will need two needles and a ball of yarn.
 (this seems like a good enough way to start to me)

Step 2. You will need to loop the yarn 15 times.
 (this is when you ask your mom or the vice principal to cast on 15 stitches)

Step 3. Begin knitting.
 (easy, right? just start right up!)

Step 4. Repeat until long enough.
 (did I mention she was making another scarf?)

Step 5. Enjoy!
  (I love that Helen added a 5th step and that's this is what it is.)


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