Wednesday, June 10, 2015

(almost) Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! 6th Sweatiest City!

Good news, friends who are visiting soon! We are NOT the sweatiest city in the US! Good news, right? The bad news? Honeywell's recent survey selects DC as the 6th sweatiest city. I'm guessing there's not much difference between 1st and 6th, but I'm not planning on traveling and finding out.

Instead...we here at Chez Connor and Helen will be porting about personal fans this summer (at least when we are not actually immersed in water at the pool or beach), trying to keep ahead of the heat.

And you can, too! Just hop on the metro and head down to the mall on Friday. Snag a FREE fan, and then pack that thing in your backpack so when you're children start complaining about the heat, or you fear you will soon be melting like the bad witch in the Wizard of Oz you can whip it out and air yourself a bit. We will personally be comparing it to the combo fan / water spritzer that Helen acquired in Disneyland a few years back.

WHAT:                         Honeywell Fans, in partnership with a team of scientists at environmental consulting company Environmental Health & Engineering, developed new criteria to rank major metropolises across the country on their potential “sweatiness” -- and, Washington D.C. has ranked sixth! To help Washingtonians prepare for summer heat waves, Honeywell will be deploying the Beat the Heat Street Team to hand out portable fans on Friday, June 12th at the National Mall from 9am-4pm.
Washingtonians go to great lengths in order to cool down from climbing temperatures. The new, USB and battery operated Turbo® on the Go! portable fan from Honeywell provides strong air circulation in a convenient, compact design that folds, stands upright and pivots for personalized cooling that goes with you anywhere you need it.
WHERE:                       The National Mall | Washington D.C.
WHEN:                         9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Friday, June 12th

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