Friday, January 23, 2015

Zoo with the Nieces

I have been gifted with two amazing nieces (more, actually, but this post is about my sister's kids). They are teens now, which means they could decide at any moment they are just too cool for me. And I would totally understand. But luckily, they have not. They're still willing to let me hop in their Jeep and cruise around, which is an absolute hoot. Almost grown-ups!

They could also easily decide that hanging with Connor and Helen is not something they want to do. But they don't. Instead, my sister finds outings that everyone can enjoy, and we all have a blast in our own way.

Over Christmas break, we went to the KC Zoo, a place we often visit. Top of our list were visits to see the baby penguins and the polar bears - two things we don't (and probably won't ever) have at the National Zoo.

My sister has been a mom for longer than me, so we never leave the house without a little snack in hand and an escape plan. This visit was executed pretty close to flawlessly.

Usually, we also find ourselves at a big indoor swim park, but after struggling through the flu a few days earlier, that sort of outing seemed unwise.


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