Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Showing More Maturity Than Most Adults I Know

Two nights ago, dinner was very frustrating for both Connor and me. I won't air our dirty laundry, but I walked away from dinner with a real appreciation for why people yell. Connor was pushing my buttons in every possible way, and although I didn't yell - I wanted to, badly. I have not felt that emotional surge of anger in a long time. It ended with me telling him an early bedtime was in order, which I later overturned after he agreed to behave as I asked.

Connor was angry, possibly embarrassed, and really struggling. But he also did not lose his cool, as he tried tactic after tactic to avert the issue at hand.

We don't often get mad at each other, but we were mad that night.

Last night though? Connor came to the dinner table and apologized - in front of the whole family - for the previous night. In doing so, Ed correctly commented later that night that Connor had shown more maturity than most adults muster. I thanked Connor for his apology. I told him I was glad we were going to have a better dinner. Mistakes happen. We move on.

And we did. Dinner bordered on delightful.

In the end, I think Connor just needed to push on me and find security in knowing I wasn't going to budge, and he learned the next day that I wasn't holding on to any of it.

Thank you again, Connor. It was a difficult situation and I'm glad it's behind us. You have wisdom beyond your years.


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