Monday, January 12, 2015

Two Things I Would Like to Bottle

There's an expression about bottling up children's energy. And having spent several late-school opening days and two exhausting weekend days with Helen and Connor running on full tilt, I fully embrace the idea of bottling up their energy. I could use it at the end of the day - or during a long run, or really, just about any time!

Besides bottling up the tornadoes they are, I would also like to bottle up Helen's self-confidence. She has hit a point where she absolutely cruises through her life, solid legs standing on grounded feet. It's hard to make her budge, and coupled with her smile, she's growing into even more of a force than she always has been. The other day, she overhead me tell a neighbor that I wished I could bottle up her confidence today, and hand it back to her in her teen years. And she shot back "I won't need it!".

You don't know how much I wish that holds, Helen. It would be amazing.


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