Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week Away

On Friday, my dad flew from Kansas to DC. On Sunday, he left - accompanied by Helen and Connor. Knowing that my parents have raised two children to adulthood, I knew I didn't need to give them a lot of instructions. My mom would ask occasional questions about what foods they liked - and mentioned the 699 fun things they have planned.

I was willing to send the kids unaccompanied, but when I mentioned this to Helen she firmly stated "I need someone to ride with me on the plane. And it needs to be an ADULT - not just Connor." Clearly, she could see the future and knew we were going to tell her Connor would take care of everything for her. Connor was totally game. My parents thought I was as crazy as Helen did, which is why my dad insisted on coming out and back with the kids.

On Saturday, I sent my mom the following email. I figured Connor and Helen might enjoy seeing it when they're older and read through these pages.


Helen still has not lost her teeth [my parents were here a few weeks ago and Helen was discussing her loose teeth then]. I'm sending Dad back with an envelope that contains a poem that our tooth fairy brings, along with the stones the tooth fairy leaves. She also leaves $1.
Helen and Connor are excited about staying - but who knows if Helen will have a meltdown at some point. If she does, she can call any time. It really does not bother me. [Note: Helen remarked on Sunday morning that she was really going to miss me because she wasn't used to having fun without me around.]
If Helen seems unreasonable and grumpy, give her some food. I wouldn't say "do you want a strawberry" I would say "we should eat some strawberries". She's not particularly good with choices when she's hungry.

Connor ate so much the other night he puked. Hopefully he won't do this again - but if he does, don't worry about it.

Helen hasn't done it in a while, but occasionally she vomits from overeating or eating too much of a particular kind of food. Again, it's nothing to worry about, she'll feel better after she gets it all out.
Make sure Connor stays hydrated. He sometimes forgets to drink, and then he doesn't poop. He hasn't done this in a while, but I do try and get him to drink. Related - if he drinks a bunch and you notice him dancing - tell him "go to the bathroom". Strange, I know, but he sometimes doesn't seem to realize he has to go.

Helen is allergic to mussels and shrimp. Connor is just picky.
If you have any questions - feel free to call or drop me a note. I can't think of any other things that are too weird about the little people but then again, I've probably just gotten used to all their weirdness so fail to recognize it as weird any more.
Connor has been enjoying watching soccer on TV, so he'd probably be interested in seeing some of that.
Have fun

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