Monday, June 16, 2014


Frozen has landed at our home. I suppose I should be happy that we've been virtually free of children's entertainment for the past 8 years and call it a win, but I see my future - and it looks bleak.

It seems as if every child in the universe has seen Frozen, and as a result, any time Helen is around any child at or near her age - they talk about it. Which of course makes Helen long for the magic of the big screen. Even her friends at her Waldorf school (which does not allow video / computer / tv etc.) saw the movie. We gave in by purchasing the CD. Helen promptly memorized it, and then found herself in the car with Ed without the CD. Tragic.

So Helen decided to have a Frozen sing-along, during which she attempted to teach Ed all of the songs she knows. Apparently, Ed's not a very good singer (even to Helen's untrained ear) because at one point during the ride, Helen told Ed "maybe this one's just too hard for you - let's try another". When asked if he was singing Ed said "kind of", which translates to "yes - but as you know, I am tone deaf, so I had no idea I wasn't singing anything close to the melody".

Sorry, kid. You'll be at your Aunt Linda's house soon. Maybe your cousins can sing the tunes with you.


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