Sunday, June 8, 2014

Play Ball!

My parents came to visit last weekend, which means we were going full tilt. They came to watch Connor play baseball and soccer and Helen play softball. Although Connor's Thursday game was cancelled to rain, the back-to-back-to-back weekend lineup held up, and my parents trotted from field to field, praising their higher power more than once that this was a weekend event for them, and not their regular life.

The last time my parents came to watch Connor play baseball, he made a crazy play in the outfield, catching the ball and then getting it back to the first baseman cleanly and quickly. It was great to watch. This time, he turned on his bat with a 3 for 4 performance (something he's been working on) which resulted in a few huge grins. The team ended the regular season undefeated and head to the play-offs tomorrow. Go team!

Soccer was hot - as were the games Connor played yesterday and today.

After the game, Connor and I chatted and then he had a huge grin for my parents. Somehow, he looks so old in the photo with me. He really has become a pleasant person to chat with.

Helen had more of her awesome game-day looks, and hit the ball to the outfield! It wasn't in the air that whole distance, but it eventually meandered its way out there, rolling lazily by the girls on the other team.

Helen played her last game yesterday. I accompanied Connor to his game (Ed and I generally trade off who we watch) and then Connor and I dashed over to see Helen's last at-bat of the year. It was a great season. I suspect about half of the girls on the team understand the general concept of the game, which puts them squarely in the running for tops in their league.

And now...on to summer sports!


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