Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Resolutions: 2014 - The Rock and Roll Half Marathon

I don't like to tell people I'm going to do something and then not follow through and do it. So when I set a goal that seems just on the edge of reachable, I tend to talk about it. A lot. Anyone who has been around me recently knows that I am planning on running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in the spring. I am planning on running it in 9:30 minute miles. I had originally set a goal of 8:00 - 8:30 minute miles, but the reality of knowing that my current 1 mile pace is 8:03 and my 5K pace is 8:36 means that I'm well advised to scale back the goal now. Otherwise, my training will be a big mess of disappointments, and that's not how I want to start my year.

If I don't hit 9:30 minute miles at the R&R half, I'll either find another half to run in a few weeks if I'm close, or I'll retrain for the goal in the Fall. See what I'm doing there? I'm both hedging my bet that I'll hit my goal in March AND setting myself up to have to keep training until I do hit it. I'm also going to put 750 miles on my kicks this year. In terms of quantity, it's not nearly as impressive as the 3000+ miles my sister will put on her bike, but what can I say? Her kids are older than mine.

I still haven't settled on a fun challenge of the year. I might go back to one of my favorites - which was to "drink more champagne". Hmm...must think on that one.

But no matter what else happens - I hope to continue to be able to start each morning being grateful for my two healthy children and for the pleasure of staying in this dimension.

Much love to all,

Remember Connor's awesome first 5K? Turns out I was second in my age group. It is not lost on me that the race was sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation. This medal has brought a lot of laughter to my home.

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