Thursday, January 2, 2014

Screwdriver Meets My Old Espresso Maker

For Christmas, Ed gifted me with a combo coffee and espresso maker. In response, I gifted the trashcan with my no longer working espresso maker, but not before giving it to Connor along with a screwdriver. He had quite a go of taking screws out and getting pieces apart. At one point, he got a little frustrated and suggested using a hammer, but sated his desire to destroy something by breaking the metal wand for steaming milk off instead. If you didn't know, it's very cool to break metal.

Helen looked on at the project for a while, and then announced firmly "you know, Connor, girls like mechanical things, too".

And then she got out her own screwdriver and helped in the destructive process while still dressed in her princess gear.

Tonight, I gave her the old coffeemaker to do with as she pleases - with the one condition being that it must end up in the trashcan. Unfortunately, the screwdriver she started with didn't work so we need Ed to show us where the skinnier screwdrivers are in order to really get the destruction going.

I figured it'll be good for another day of entertainment.


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  1. Get rid of that old machine! It's a new age. Now you'll be drinking coffee in style! enjoy!