Monday, January 27, 2014


Parenting is an exercise in balance. And, sadly, perhaps, my parenting modus operandi seems to be to pile on as many things as I can handle, add another thing, let something I care about fall apart, and then subtract something so the thing that most recently fell apart can percolate back to the top of the list of things that get done. Although I don't feel particularly rushed in my life, I do notice that if I add anything, then something starts to give.

Which is how this blog has come to be set aside again. Apparently, I cannot run over 25 miles a week and still squeeze storytelling about my kids in. Which is a shame, because I bet I'll miss the stories in the years to come more than I enjoy running the half marathon.

So...the quick update, until I figure out what I'm ditching.

Helen has joined Daisy Scouts. Her first meeting was a couple of weeks ago, and even though she didn't know anyone there, the troop leaders were super nice. I have high hopes for the experience being one that introduces her to other girls who she'll share a class with next year at Glebe. I'd prefer to not be a troop leader this year, but if Helen feels excluded, I'll start volunteering at the meetings to help out where I can.

After being exceedingly proud of myself for getting ALL the patches ironed on in time for the first meeting, I learned that I wasn't supposed to affix the petals and center of the daisy. DOH! I'm peeling them off before tonight's meeting, except for the center of the daisy. Helen has learned the pledge, so she gets to keep that one.

Connor and Ed have been building his derby car. We have high hopes. The race is next week.

Ed also got stuck helping Helen with valentines. She loved the ones he made last year so much, that she insisted on copying them for her class this year. Overheard yesterday "Helen, if you're getting bored with this, we can work on it later". "Nope! I'm fine!". Ed has no idea how much stamina Helen has when it comes to crafting.

We've also taken advantage of the snow that has fallen here, and gone sledding probably a half dozen times. If I figure out how to move photos from the iPhone a friend gave me to this blog, I'll update the post. Otherwise, just imagine Connor flying down the hill, attempting to hit a jump that has been created by some snow. Hitting it, and flying. Good times...good times...

I'm still training for my half marathon, but also trying to convince my cousin to run a marathon with me next year. He's a runner, so even though he says he needs to get in shape, I'm guessing he could finish the marathon without much training if he set his mind to it. Me? I'm up to 8 miles at a good pace, followed by 1.5 miles cooling down with the kids. I've switched over to minimalist shoes and LOVE them. But...lots of training left to complete.

And, given how squeezed I feel for time right now, I am REALLY hoping I hit my revised time goal when I run in March, because I don't think I can keep this schedule up for many more months!


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