Monday, December 16, 2013

My Friends are Problem Solvers!

After posting about my very sad non-chocolate treat purchase, a friend walked down the hallway and handed me a snack size Snickers bar. It was so amazing. I even ate the whole thing since it was already half-sized. It was particularly nice of my friend to bring me the Snickers bar because it was outside of her office that I had left the offensive Twizzlers. She could've come and told me she got sick from eating Twizzlers, much like I had done the day earlier, and asked me to keep my stinky treats to myself. But instead, she gifted me some chocolate.

Then, my friend Karen, who writes a brilliant blog - The Yellow Ladybird, emailed to commiserate with me, and thought I ought to right the wrong by making myself a decadent hot chocolate drink.

I did.

Thank you, Karen. It was delicious.


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