Sunday, December 8, 2013

First 5K for Connor

On Saturday, this kid ran 11:53 minute miles and completed his first 5K. Ed paced him, which is good for two reasons. First, absent Ed, Connor likely would've tore across the start line in such a fashion that he would've been burned out completely in 50 yards. Second, I signed Connor up incorrectly, so he was officially signed up for the 1 mile run, not the 5K. This is only important because it means Connor gets a start time for the 5K, but not an end time. As far as the record book knows, that kid is still running.

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Because I am trying to run faster and longer, I ran the race in front of Ed and Connor. It was an out and back course, and I missed Connor and Ed when I passed them, so I really had no idea where they were. After I finished, I grabbed a bagel (for Ed) and a banana (for me) and went in search of my men.

As soon as I saw Connor get close to the home stretch, I ran with him cheering, and he turned the jets on! That kid sprinted hard, had a look that he might die when he was only halfway through the home stretch, and then kicked it in gear and crossed the line running.

I was thrilled and proud of Connor - because I knew it was hard for him.

I want that kid to know his body can be strong and fast. So that some day? When he has the option of running through a forest or driving through it, he gets out of the car and runs.

After the race, Connor said he planned on training more for the next run, and even volunteered to join me at my 6AM workouts that I've been doing the last three weeks. I'm not sure he's ready to join the moms in the neighborhood yet, but I'm already looking forward to when he is.


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